Friday, August 17, 2007

Bring on the wool!

Josephine is consuming an absurd amount of my summer knitting! I have finally reached the v-neck split, and am itching to get this one off the needles. While I am really enjoying this project, the cotton yarn is really hurting my hands. The stitch definition is great, and the sheen is lovely. It still hurts. I am definitely out of love with cotton. Bring on the wool!

While summer lingers on, I have been continuing my home improvement efforts. This latest round involved the outside of my house.

Here's the before: (please note: the numbers on the door are actually printed out on an envelope and taped to the door - thanks previous owner.)

Here's the after: I painted the door and frame (benjamin moore's classic burgundy) - it took 4 coats! I coerced the Husbeast to hang the new number sign, which I had custom made at Home Depot.

In a week or so the construction of our roof deck will begin - it was supposed to go up a couple of weeks ago but the foreman broke his leg. We're also getting estimates to put in an iron fence with a gate, a pretty iron fence! I want to get some wooden lattice to cover the not-so-pretty-stoop and train something pretty to grow up it.

The home improvement continues with the purchase of some lovely fabrics to make drapes for the living room. The pictures don't do any justice to their loveliness. The stripey fabric will be the main panels and the yummy embroidered fabric will be the valance/swag. I purchased some red and gold tassel trim to edge the valance/swag bits. Lush and lovely!

Tomorrow the Husbeast and I are off to Key West, Florida to celebrate my birthday. Don't worry, I'll have some key lime pie for you! Y'all have a slice of birthday cake for me on Monday!
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CityMinx said...

aw, it looks so purty! well, maybe not purty, but perhaps regal. that's it, regal

and may i be the first to say...


Anonymous said...

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Carrie said...

Hey, we have the same birthday! I'll be thinking of you as I eat my birthday cake - happy birthday! And I love what you're doing with your house. The drapery fabric looks lovely, and I Like the red door. You seem way more talented than I! Perhaps I could email you some pictures, and you could suggest some things for my living room? =) Have a great time!

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