Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Minor leagues = major fun!

This past Saturday, we brought Stitch n Pitch to the minor leagues! Thanks to blogless Ruyth, a whole bunch of the Point's Tuesday night regulars enjoyed a trip to Keyspan Park at Coney Island! We watched the Coney Island Cyclones tromp the Vermont Lake Monsters in extra innings. In attendance were Katy, Ravi, blogless Ruth, Jenn, blogless Susi, blogless Kara, Mary, and assorted menfolk.

Much fun was had by all. In fact, the fun was nearly doubled by a lucky coincidence: it was Sylvester Stallone tribute night! This seemed like a good excuse to play lots of Rocky music and encourage the masses to armwrestle. Sadly, the Sly guy did not show up for the hijinks.

Fortunately, my urge to consume massive quantities of non-nutritious foodstuffs and purchase silly souvenirs was not dampened one little bit.

In knitterly news, I finished the back of Josephine! Huzzah! I'm about 1 1/2 repeats into the front. Things are knitting up slowly these days. Sigh.

My Assymetric Cardi is also moving along at a glacial pace. I'm having a hard time getting the colors right with this one. My camera is old. I need a new camera. Replacing it is on the Stuff-I've-Broken-Recently-And-Need-To-Replace list which includes: blender, food processor, paper shredder, the Husbeast's X-Box, my fancy watch, all the fancy glassware and crystal that shattered when the cabinet shelf broke, and my cell phone. What can I say, I'm an expensive habit.

AT least I'm making some progress around the house. This week I've been installing ceiling medallions and chandeliers. I love my fancy chandeliers! I had to learn how to countersink screws to put up the medallions - very handy!

Here's another one. As an aside, if you're ever looking for crystal chandeliers and don't want to pay a ton of money for them, Ebay is an excellent source. Over the past couple of years, I've bought 5 fancy crystal light fixtures for way less money than the wholesalers on the Bowery sell them.

Singlehandedly, I got this ceiling fan up! It weighs 50 pounds! Who needs a gym?

I might....mmmmmmmmm.......COOKIES!

Jam Thumprints, recipe from Ina Garten. I made the preserves myself - the pink ones are rhubarb, the purple-y ones are sweet, dark cherry. Yummy!

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PassionKNITly said...

hehehe...menfolk! :)
That certainly was fun...we should make it an annual event!

and i <3 your chandeliers!