Sunday, May 13, 2007

Getting close to the finish line....

The Husbeast and I are officially leaving Manhattan behind for the borough of Kings in a mere 12 days. The task of preparing a home for living has been quite time consuming, but also quite rewarding. We have been spending our blood, sweat, and tears on the new place every chance we get. It's been like having another full time job above and beyond our real jobs. Happily, the effort has finally started to pay off.

After two coats of primer and two coats of Benjamin Moore's Apricot Ice, the booger green bedroom has stopped looking like it did back in January:

and started to look more like this. I've never been one for subtle colors, but my tune may be changing. There was something about that green that I found so unsettling. It's not a color either the Husbeast and I would ever look good in, so it had to go. The results (poorly lit) are a warm whitish color that reads peachy at different times of the day. Me likie.

Check out my latest look for spring. This is how I have spent the last 4 or 5 weekends. That's the fast paced life of New Yorkers for you. Nothing but glamour around these parts.

The thing that sets house living apart from apartment living - there's a whole lot more wall to paint! I didn't have a chance to photograph the "after" shot, but I painted two coats on this room this weekend.

Don't feel bad for me, though. The Husbeast set about installing all these appliances! You wanna know the true test of love? Let your partner set up gas appliances. Seriously, it takes a lot of trust to believe that a novice won't blow you up with a gas leak. I can't wait to shoot the kitchen once I get my granite counter tops installed - sunset red. Woot!

Once all the paint is dry and we've moved in for good, the next renovation frontier lies above! I really want to get a roof deck built up here before school is out.

Because then I could sit under an umbrella at a table and look out at this:

Yeah, that would be the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. At night, you can even see the New York Life Building. Brooklyn rules!

I almost forgot to mention: Have you heard about the new yarn store in town?

They've got some pretty neat stuff!

Strangest thing about All Spun Out? It's not an actual store. It's a product demo at Ikea Elizabeth! I guess all that hooplah about recognizing the consumer power of knitters a while back really had an effect! Do all Ikeas have this display?


sahara said...

Whooooeeee! When's the housewarming!?

You know I have to knit something. How about placemats, napkins, or a bathmat?

sahara said...

I'm gonna check it out. Somehow, It seems weird. Back in the day, Macy's had a yarn and sewing center on the fifth floor.

CityMinx said...

your place looks amazing! Hey, wanna go to Ikea and rip the place off? The Paramus one had a bookstore set up, and my mom, hardened criminal that she is, tried to talk me into stealing one of the display books

It was a Swedish cookbook, so I can see where she was coming from.

Veronica said...

I was at Ikea Elizabeth about a month ago. While shopping I came across the All Spun Out too. There were about 5 woman trying to remove the tied-down yarn from their baskets. A sales associate had to tell the woman that it was a display and Ikea was not selling yarn. For a moment, I too got a little excited. They had some really nice yarn (Crystal Palace, Berrocco). So Funny.

city girl said...

it's all very exciting stuff, huh? the place looks great!

Palma said...

Great work.