Monday, April 23, 2007

Not much knitting going on

But lots and lots of painting, scraping, sanding, priming, taping, and general banishing of the previous owner's poor taste. Fortunately, the prior owner of my new house did not get around to much beyond painting my bedroom an awful booger green. So awful it required two coats of primer!
While I've only owned the new Casa Sweetgirl for a mere two weeks, I am already a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of being a homeowner. Have you ever bought major appliances? The selection is dizzying! I've seen so many sinks I'm ready to cry. How does one even begin to select a kitchen faucet? None of the tricks and strategem I learned whilst buying yarn comes close to applying! Walking around a granite warehouse does not lend itself to fondling or swatching. Yo.

Since I haven't done a whole lotta knitting, I need to start documenting the work the Husbeast and I are doing on the house. We're moving in at the end of next month, and have a whole bunch of projects to accomplish before then. I've painted and decorated apartments before, but never anything of this scale. It's so exciting to have a larger (by NYC standards, anyway) palette to work on.

The colors we're planning on using throughout the house are:
Benjamin Moore's
1. Apricot Ice
2. Golden Lab
3. London Fog
4. Ruby Red

Will post again soon. with photos. seriously.


lucy said...

woohoo - it's only just the start of it!! this the BEST time when you're making your mark on YOUR OWN place! I'm excited for you :)

sahara said...

Hey there,

I never thought a simple sink choice could be so mind boggling. What I did find however, is to make sure the faucet is long enough to stick your hands under. A number of sinks I looked at, have short faucets; when I went to wash my hands, they banged up against the bowl (!). Arrrgghh.