Sunday, April 1, 2007

Crazy Fiber Action

Soooooooo.... If you happen to be in Grand Central Terminal today, you'll notice that the country of Scotland is having an exhibition in the Vanderbilt Hall area of the main terminal. There are dozens of men, and even some women, running around in kilts and handmade kilt hose. There are folks from the Harris Tweed company showing off some gorgeous fair isle sweaters and gloves, which also appeared to be handmade. Way off in the back, there were some very nice ladies showing off some truly lovely, lush, yummy Scottish cashmere.
I'm thinking that if we all bust out our homemade balaclavas, and show up en masse, we could probably roll the joint for their wares.

Who's in?


sahara said...

Ohhhhh, thanks for reminding me! I am so there after work, tuesday. I have a pattern for kilt hose given to me from relatives of Mr. K., and I wanted to know about the yarn.

BTW, if those ladies in the back are selling the cashmere, please say a prayer for me not to ignore my budget, and spend.

CityMinx said...

Oh ME ME ME! I'm always in for mischief, especially when it involves costumes and stealing cashmere!

Carrie said...

Oh, I'm nowhere near there! Sounds like fun, though, and I'll watch the news to see how it went!